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Women’s contribution and place in the world music: unique exhibition at the threshold of the Gloriettes Residences


Visit the exhibition at Schönbrunn Palace to find out the women’s contribution and place in the world music. From the most famous birthday tune “Happy Birthday to You” by Mildred and Patty Hill to the movie soundtrack “The Human Stain” by Oscar-winning Rachel Portman to co-authorship of Yoko Ono with John Lennon on “Imagine”. Women vibes going through the Palace’s Plant Orangery reflect to touch the hearts of those ready to join the dynamic show run by Irene Suchy and Clarisse Maylunas in an interactive way.

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Gloriette's Residences at a London property exhibition


VIYM presents Gloriettes Residences in Vienna and Holsboer Residences in Davos at a London property exhibition. May 02, 2017. Moscow. For the first time, VIYM investment fund presented Holsboer Residences complex located in Davos and Gloriettes Residences complex in Vienna at Property Investor&Homebuyer Show 2017 exhibition in London. Property Investor&Homebuyer Show is one of the

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